Wise Person in a Fool’s House!


‘Fools build houses and wise live in them!’ A friend stated when I was planning to build my own house. I never gave any importance to the wisdom of the proverb or her advice. For the next three years that it took me to construct the house, I was in complete agreement with what she had said that fated day!

I finally moved into THE house, the result of my endless hours of frustrated, exasperated, helpless and almost penniless state. I cribbed about the electrician not giving adequate number of plugs, the plumber for that leakage and subsequent repairs, unknown neighbors for the seepage on the common wall from their construction. I got all the more convinced that indeed I was a fool…
As the teething problems were fixed one by one, I began to settle in the house. I realized the value of the window near my writing table, from where I could admire the green planters my husband had thoughtfully arranged. The family enjoyed the winter sunshine in the balconies. I loved the convenient space below the staircase, where everything was accessible. Icing on the cake was the compliments received from friends as I hosted get-togethers either outdoors or indoors.
Slowly the horror of past three – four years faded, as the new happenings overshadowed the old memories. I came to realize, all in all, it was ‘not a bad deal’! Getting the house built was hard work, but living in a house where things were as I wanted them to be, the kitchen large enough to accommodate my family, spacious enough to invite my kid’s friends for a sleepover. I started to enjoy living in my dream house.
But sometimes I wonder – Have I become wiser now?

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