‘Zaken Takeover’ by Reet Singh & Dilsher Singh

Book Review 
Genre: YA Science Fiction
Tom, an eighteen-year old boy who is sick of his drab, regular school life, cannot wait for school to end on a permanent basis. Hopeful of finally becoming eligible for some excitement in his life, he is sublimely unaware of the saying ‘Be careful what you wish for.’

On the last day of school, right after a farewell party for their class, Tom comes face to face with events that will change his life forever! He will be visited by an alien; kidnapped; his friends endangered; their sanity threatened; and their earth will come fearsomely close to a Zaken takeover! Too much for an eighteen-year old to handle?

As a reader when I start to read a science fiction I expect a different story world than ours. Zaken Takeover has built that world for me, complete with space ships and high technology guns, where aliens are attacking the earthlings for their nefarious research. Smug in their overconfidence that earthlings, low on intelligence, can be overpowered easily.

In the cat and mouse chase, where Commander Axarl from Zakerl decides to pick Tom for his research.  The story becomes increasingly interesting when the cat becomes the mouse and the hunter is hunted. The chase is wonderful taking us through all kinds of stunts and guns firing and finally Axarl in his brashness is captured for life by the boys.

Wonderful, high paced story with innovative ideas on alien communication systems J

I see a sequel in the making.

Highly recommended for children and young adults.

About the Author
Reet Singh is a doctor and has published before – in medical journals – so even before she wrote her first work of fiction, she has had experience of writing for an unseen audience. 

‘The Zaken Takeover’, her first book is written for middle-graders, has been co-authored with her son, and is available on Amazon, for Kindle.

Visit her! On Facebook and Goodreads or you could drop by and browse her Website.

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