Boomerang – Voices Old & New

Edit Aug 2015

Boomerang now available as a standalone short story on Amazon, published by Indireads.

I wasn’t surprised when my short story ‘Boomerang’ was shortlisted in the Indireads Short Story competition in August 2014. I was sure about the plotline and its execution, what I wasn’t ready for the overwhelming popular votes and interest the story garnered.

Yes the final results were based on votes a story amassed and ‘Boomerang’ was declared a winner after some agonizing weeks on 22 September 2014. The feeling was unimaginable for a science student cum IT professional to enter into the published world. I thank Indireads for such a delightful opportunity.

All the shortlisted stories covering Romance, Crime, Paranormal and Drama genres were published as an anthology ‘Voices & and New’ on 15th January 2015.

If you are interested in delightful short stories of myriad colours and settings, Voices Old and New is the book for you.


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