Fuchsia Confusion

#AtoZChallenge – Flash fiction based on life’s philosophy or mood or emotions, interpreted using colours.

Image courtesy www.abm-enterprises.net
“Show me that one…” she said, pointing a dainty finger adorned with pink-purple nail-art.

“Oh, the pink one?”

“It is not pink, it is fuchsia!” She flicked her hair, one lock streaked in same colour as the clip she was pointing at, fuchsia or something.

Trained not to argue or disagree with a customer, I opened the cabinet and put it on the tray for her to examine. Her cell phone rang. It had pink sparkling stars glued at the back. Looking at her I was sure my eyes have turned that bright shade of pink or purple, or a mix that had a peculiar name. I wasn’t sure now.

“I’ll take this… this… and this.” She pointed at the clip, the bracelet and a bag hanging from the ceiling hook. All in that unusual colour.

“Not one more in pink!” the lady entering the section, I was manning, said.

“It is not pink, it is fuchsia, nanny!”

It was then it clicked, she was the daughter of nation’s heart throb and superstar Karan. She, touted to be a style icon at the age of seven, who had started a fad of that pink-purple colour called Fuchsia! God help me and my children!


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