A to Z Challenge 2016: Theme Reveal

Yes, it’s that time of the year again! 

The much awaited A to Z April Challenge is starting tomorrow. Over 1200 bloggers from around the world would be donning their creative hats and write every day with post titles starting from alphabet A to Z. This would be done every day in April except Sundays! 

This April, I will be participating in this mega event for a second time. In April 2015, I wrote flash fiction based on colors or the emotion a color invoked. 

This year I am lagging behind in deciding the theme. Yes, for me theme is the key. One can decide to blog on random subjects, but I think a theme makes the blog posts more structured and interesting.

My Theme for April A to Z Challenge 2016 is…

‘Exploring and learning the slang/ words/abbreviations the current generation uses these days’

Well, it all started with my teenaged son calling me ‘noob’ for the past six months. Like any mother I took it in my stride, and laughed it off. I knew the meaning of ‘noob’ but it got me thinking about other such words, which are sprouting like frogs in monsoon amongst the teens and young adults. 

I think its important to keep up with the current generation. If we want them to be interested in our affairs we also need to be abreast with what is ‘cool’ in their world. So join me friends to discover the new words and ‘fads’ of ‘Generation Y’!

I am looking forward to a fun filled April and reading the posts by other A to Zers!

Let the madness begin!

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