Book Review :: “No Safe Zone’ by Adite Banerjee

Genre: Romance
Publisher: Harper Collins
Qiara Rana will do anything to save her mentor and their non-government organization from ruin. Even if it means visiting the city she had vowed never to return to. But within a few hours of landing in New Delhi, she is being chased by a gunman and is a potential suspect in the murder of a high-profile businessman. 

The only person she can turn to for help is Kabir Shorey, the man who stood her up ten years ago. Past and present collide in a deadly plot of crime and greed that moves from the cosmopolitan streets of Delhi to the bazaars and villages of Rajasthan.

My Review:
Engaging, racy and extremely romantic are the adjectives which come to my mind as I finished reading ‘No Safe Zone’ by Adite Banerjie. It is commendable how the author comes up with unique locales and theme for each of her novels. While the setting of her earlier book ‘Trouble Has No Name’ is vacation cum wedding in an exotic beach resort, and now NSZ gives a flavor of crime and suspense with colorful Rajasthan as the backdrop, both of them cleverly intertwined with sizzling romance.

Kabir is handsome and dangerous, Qiara is sexy and daring. The combination sets the story on fire right from the word go. Qiara, trying to save her mentor and organization from the worst possible scam and allegations, lands in New Delhi, and then reaches Jaipur with gun toting villains after her. She meets Kabir, with whom she shares a love-hate history. Together they unravel and bust the highly powerful crime ring.

Qiara as a law student, working in an NGO shows spunk in handling the goons, and the truth about her birth. Kabir, an Intelligent Officer investigating a dubious businessman, fits royally well given his parentage and history. And when they come together the result is hot, sizzling chemistry.

The author has come up with intriguing elements of surprise at regular intervals in the story, maintaining the high pace set at the beginning. The skillful way their painful past and intriguing present are linked makes the plot highly entertaining. The romantic interludes as well as the action scenes come alive with expert narration and fluent language.

Highly recommended read for all who love romance, with some kick-ass action.

About The Author
Adite Banerjie discovered the wonderful world of books at an early age which sparked her interest in writing. After a fulfilling and exciting career as a business journalist she turned her attention to fiction. 

Her latest book is a romantic-thriller, No Safe Zone, published by Harper Collins India. She has penned two books for Mills & Boon (The Indian Tycoon’s Marriage Deal and Trouble Has a New Name) and written several screenplays. 

When she is not grappling with her current work-in-progress, she enjoys spending time with her husband, spoiling their Irish Setter silly and watching back-to-back movies. 

She loves to connect with her readers. You can find her on Facebook ( and Twitter (

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