When Tanay meets Mita :: ‘Take One Fake Fiancé’ by Reet Singh

Genre: Romance

Excerpt: Tanay and Mita’s first meeting

Mita took an appreciative sip of the wine and looked up, over the rim of her goblet, straight into a pair of sardonic eyes. The eyes, in a dark, bearded face, stared her down from across the room, one eyebrow arched in amusement; or was it disdain?

Irked for some reason, she raised her own eyebrow at him, although she was more in the mood to frown and turn away. The stranger held up a glass of amber liquid in a toast, and something in his expression wasn’t very polite. He made no move towards her and that in itself was rude, almost insolent.

Mita’s chin went up and it was unfortunate that she had a generous quantity of fiery drink in her mouth- she coughed as some of it went done the wrong way.

Spluttering, haughty poise forgotten, she whirled about, her face pink with embarrassment.
Drat the man, whoever he was!

* * * * * * * * *

Want to meet Mita?
Head on over to Devika Fernando’s blog where’s she’s hosting the feisty lady – Mita’s really mad about something so be warned! 

Want to meet Tanay?
Head on over to Paromita Goswami’s blog where’s she’s hosting him in all his sexiness!

And if you want to find out what Tanay and Mita do when they think their creator – Reet Singh – isn’t watching. Visit Adite Banerjie’s blog for a shocker!

For Mita and Tanay’s stolen kiss – Preethi Venugopala’s blog

More about the book

Mita Ramphul is single and fancy-free – and she wants to stay that way for the foreseeable future. Living and working on the idyllic island of Mauritius is the stuff dreams are made of – until she bumps into a man who threatens to destroy it all.

Tanay Devkumar is cynical and shuttered – events in his past have cast a long and deep shadow. Convinced that Mita Ramphul represents a threat to his sister’s happiness, he seeks her out, determined to block her nefarious plans.

They meet in circumstances that can only be described as hostile – suspicions abound and resentments flare on both sides, even as attraction simmers beneath the surface. A series of disastrous events follow and they are compelled to pretend that they are in love and wish to marry.
It is meant to be a temporary engagement – but will Mita be able to resist her fake fiancé or will his scorching kisses make her yearn for something more permanent?

* * * * * * *

Originally published as “Scorched by His Fire” by Harlequin India, 2014
Take One Fake Fiancé is a refurbished, revamped, remodelled, updated version of Scorched and will soon be available on Kindle

Know The Author

Look up Reet Singh – she usually hangs out on her website, on twitter, or on facebook.

Official Website
On Facebook
On Twitter

* * * * * * * * * * * 

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