‘Hearts and Hots’ Series

Romantic Short Stories

Love, what is it? 
A casual glance and the heart skips a beat… 
A chance meet and that tug of an inexplicable connection…

Love, a baffling attraction so potent that one becomes blind to the entire world, or is it that unbridled passion which threatens to drown every time you see the one, or a protective urge which forces you to realize that life is not worth living without that special someone…

A self-proclaimed tomboy, Sanaa had never understood the motivation behind the girls, around her, trying to impress the guys until she meets Aaryan. He invokes emotions which are uncomfortable and alien to her. Nothing interests her anymore except him.

Was it time for Sanaa to discover herself and go all out?

Divya’s dream-world shatters the night of her wedding. As the secrets and facts get revealed, she goes into a shell. Trying to cope with society’s pressures, she is at her lowest when she meets Jayant.

Should she dare dream of another chance? Is there really a knight in shining armor in real life?

Slated to become the next CM of his state, Arjun’s life is cruising in the right direction until she barges into his car. No matter how hard he tries, he is unable to keep her out of his thoughts. Every ambition now seems meaningless and every relationship worthless.

Will he be able to suppress the yearning and the desires she ignites in him?

Rashi’s promise was as sacred and binding as any oath in the world. Something she could never disclose to anyone. A product of Indian society’s prejudices and cruelty, she had sworn not to get attached to any man, until she meets Samar. He chips off all the barriers showing her that the future can be vibrant and colorful, only if she was willing.

But was she?

Krish meets Avantika and he knows she is the only one for him. Unknown to him, Avantika is trapped into the society’s regressive belief system.

Will he be able to convince Avantika to let go off her fears and accept his proposal?