‘Women From Mars’ Series

The universe is full of aberrations, be it nature, animal, man or woman. The focus here is not on exceptional nature or talent, but simply on exceptions or deviations—the outliers in the spectrum of human nature.

What is the motivation behind these exceptions? Is it genes, old habits, familial bonds, or social conditioning? Or are they just wired differently?

‘Women From Mars’ series short stories bring the spotlight on such exceptions in women.

Juhi and Satya fall for each other the moment they met. It is love at first sight. But are things really what they seem? Will they be united with each other or do their motivations differ? Read on to find out…

Kashish, a happy-go-lucky girl, looks forward to her first job, and being independent. She meets Sanaa, the employee of the year at her new organization. As the events unfold everything becomes insignificant, yet meaningful.

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